Arctaris Annual Impact Report: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Amplify Impact


Saddleback Mountain is a ski resort in Western Maine with over 60 years of history and the third largest vertical in the state at over 2,000 feet. Saddleback business lines include downhill skiing, outdoor programming, food & beverage and others. Arctaris reopened the mountain after five years of closure and meaningful economic distress in the local community and has facilitated the renovation of the base lodge, installation of new lifts and several other ongoing capital improvement initiatives.

Impact Thesis

Saddleback was the largest employer in Rangeley prior to its shutdown in 2015. Arctaris’ investment has created economic impact of 150+ jobs and revitalization of a local economy bringing over 70,000 skier visits per year. Further, Arctaris has made an ongoing commitment to social impact for Saddleback employees through plans for a workforce training center and additional workforce housing. Finally, the team has sold the rights to a 5 MW solar farm, which will produce 2x the electricity needed to operate the resort, creating substantial environmental impact related to carbon emission reduction.

Status Active
Year 2022
Location Rangeley, ME

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